FAQ Membership Rewards Programme


Shop and purchase your favorite items , you will get yor reward S points ocne your order is completed. 

YES. You may withdraw your S point into cash with a minimum point requirement. (Min 10,000 S point)

No. If member account inactive over 6 months, account will become under suspended. If member account inactive over 12 months, it will be auto terminated.

You may log in to your account and purchase any item amount to activate your account.

No, once your account have been terminated you have to register as a new member again.

Yes. Your points are valid for 12 months and will be forfeited if your account was terminated.

During checkout , users can click apply reward point on "What Would You Like To Do Next" section

S points will be instantly rewarded into the account once your order is shipped.

Go to my profile page, copy the referral link and send it to your friend for registration. Once they clicked on the link, they will be directly guide to the register page.

During your birthday month, you will receive a WHATSAPP message with the birthday coupon in it. 

Before checking out you will be able to see a "What would you like to do next?" section, then you choose "Use Coupon Code" and enter the code.

You will get a extra 10% S point after you parcel status is Shipped. 

*Please note that we are unable to manually apply the voucher code to your order if you have missed keying it during check out*. Kindly ensure that all information is correct before confirming your purchase.